Second Round

Despite all the troubles caused by the Corona pandemic, this year’s SwissChO started as usual with a remote first round. We are pleased to have had a huge number of participating students who did not let their interest in Chemistry be damped by the current circumstances. We were and are working hard on providing them as much normality and fun with chemistry as in other years. 

Girl with red hat via unsplah

Out of 406 participants, 56 (8 thereof from Liechtenstein) passed to the second round and were invited to a preparatory “weekend” at University of Basel. Due to the restrictions, the event was conducted digitally on two Saturdays (28th of November and 5th of December). Despite this format we were pleased to welcome respectively 28 and 23 students on these days. The students could enjoy various lectures on topics like organic chemistry, fundamental concepts of physical chemistry, electrochemistry or NMR spectroscopy given by lecturers from the University of Basel. Regular breaks in the zoom calls allowed students to chat with each other and socialize. Based on the feedback of the students, we conclude that this year’s Basel weekend was a great success. Nevertheless we are looking forward to being able to conduct next year’s event in person (hopefully).


Well prepared from the Basel weekend, our students headed towards the central exam, which took place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of January in cooperation with the University of Bern. Students profited from some more teaching given by our volunteers on Friday and then showed their knowledge in the exam on Saturday. Unfortunately, this event needed to be held remotely as well. All the more excited are we to say that the traditional Lausanne lab weekend could be hold in person and allowed 16 out of 18 qualified students to practice their lab skills.  


We would like to thank the University of Bern and Basel for their hospitality and their scientists for volunteering and teaching for SwissChO.


Further articles



Die Olympiade der Schweizer Nachwuchsökonomen

Am 06. Mai fand in Zürich das nationale Finale der Schweizer Wirtschafts-Olympiade statt. Zehn Jugendliche aus fünf Kantonen versuchten die Jury zu überzeugen. Vier von ihnen wurden mit Medaillen ausgezeichnet und werden die Schweiz Ende Juli an der Internationalen Wirtschafts-Olympiade vertreten.



Nachwuchswissenschaftler forschen sich an der Chemie-Olympiade aufs Podest

Vom 18. bis 23. April liessen 18 Teenager an der ETH Zürich die Bunsenbrenner flackern. Die Champions der Schweizer Chemie-Olympiade hatten sich gegen ursprünglich über 400 Teilnehmende durchgesetzt. Während des einwöchigen nationalen Finals kämpften sie um die Podestplätze.



Die Schweizer Biologie-Olympiade: Mit Mikroskop und Sezierbesteck zur Medaille

Blütenblätter zählen, Schweinefüsse sezieren, Gene manipulieren: An der Biologie-Olympiade treffen junge Talente auf vielseitige Herausforderungen. Vom 19. bis 24. April nahmen die besten 17 von ursprünglich über 1800 Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten am nationalen Finale in Bern teil.



Schweizer Mathematikerinnen behaupten sich an Europäischer Mathematik-Olympiade

Über 200 junge Frauen. 57 Länder. Eine Leidenschaft: Mathematik. Vom 6. bis 12. April fand die «European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad”, kurz EGMO, statt. Vier Schweizer Gymnasiastinnen reisten nach Ungarn und kehrten mit Edelmetall im Gepäck zurück.



Physics talents on the podium

Last weekend was an important date for the 19 best young physicists in Switzerland. The final of the Physics Olympiad took place in Aarau. Five students won gold medals:


Gold für zwei Nachwuchsphilosophen aus der Region

Telebasel (18. 03. 2022): Am Wochenende fand die Schweizer Philosophie-Olympiade in Bern statt. Zwei Gymnasiasten aus der Region Basel haben mit ihren Essays überzeugt und Gold gewonnen.