Olympiad in your classroom

Our primary goal is to foster students’ enthusiasm for chemistry and to connect like-minded people. We need your help! As a teacher you can help us by motivating, informing and coaching your students. We need you to encourage talented students to participate – either your entire class or individual students.



When can you register?

Registration for the 2023/2024 Olympiad will be open in  August 2023.



How to register?

You register yourself and your class online for the competition. The students write the test online or on paper. Registration for the 2023/2024 Olympiad will be open in  August 2023.



How long does the test take?

The multiple-choice test takes 40 minutes and can be solved online or on paper. Here you can find old exams for comparision.


Pretty useful

Find here some useful content for your lessons: Experiments, exam questions, references, scripts, tips and tricks and much more.









Quiz: Die olympische Wissens-Challenge

Sechs von zehn Olympiaden starten jetzt ins neue Wettbewerbsjahr. Kennst du dich mit Molekülen, Grammatik oder Plattentektonik aus? Vor Formeln und tiefgründigen Fragen schreckst du nicht zurück? Die Fragen in diesem Quiz geben dir einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf unsere Wettbewerbe.

[Translate to English:] Eine Blüte der Spiegel-Ragwurz täuscht vor, ein Weibchen zu sein






Let’s talk: Wie Pflanzen sprechen

Pflanzen haben weder Mund noch Ohren. Trotzdem haben sie eine Vielfalt an faszinierenden Methoden entwickelt, um sich mit anderen Lebewesen auszutauschen. Sie kommunizieren mit optischen und chemischen Signalen oder mithilfe von Pilzen.

[Translate to English:] Wissenschafts-Olympiade Weltraum Platte










Let's Talk: Mit lieben Grüssen von der Erde

Wenn du Grüsse ins All schicken könntest, wie sähen diese aus? In den 1970er Jahren hat man sich für eine Platte mit Zeichnungen nackter Menschen, Walgeräuschen und Rockmusik entschieden.









Fabrique un piège à moustiques

Marre d’entendre siffler les moustiques à tes oreilles la nuit et de devoir leur livrer une chasse impitoyable? Voici un piège tout simple qui te permettra de dormir (un peu) plus tranquille.

They should know

In 2021, over 170 schools took part in the Olympiads. When are you participating?


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Why should I sign my students up to participate?

Because you make a valuable contribution.

  • You can challenge gifted students – with little extra effort on your part.

  • You may lay the foundation for a student’s university studies or a career in chemistry – this is quite common.

  • You open new doors. Students might discover hidden talents or interests.

  • You will get information on the level of your students – in comparison with students from Switzerland and around the world.

  • You can be proud of the accomplishments of your students, proud your school’s commitment – and proud of your own contribution.

What’s my task?

  • You are responsible for motivating the students to participate.

  • You initiate the first exam. That is very simple – students can participate in class or as homework. The exam takes 40 minutes and can be solved online or on paper.

How do I sign up?

You register yourself and your class online for the competition. Students write the test online, and you can also view the results online. Closing date for the first round is October, 14th 2022. 




If you would like to take the test in paper form, you can download it here. Answer sheets and teacher's sheets were sent out in the mailing.


Please note that the teacher's sheets are personalized and should not be shared within departments. The associated answer sheets are linked with a QR code. Please copy your answer sheets in the required numbers for all participants in your class(es).


If you would like to perform the exam in paper form and have not received any personalized teacher's sheet with answer sheets or have not received enough, please contact us here.


Please send the completed teacher's sheet and answer sheets of your participants to the following address:



Universität Bern

Hochschulstrasse 6

3012 Bern


Thank you very much for your support!


What are the different steps of the competition?

The competition is divided into three rounds. Details of the individual rounds can be found here.


What are the requirements for participants?

  • Be enrolled at a Swiss or Liechtenstein school.

  • Not yet enrolled at university or a university of applied sciences.

  • There is no age limit for the 1st round. For the 2nd round onwards students must be born no earlier than 1st July 2003

Which level is required to participate in the Chemistry Olympiad?

Participation is recommended for pupils who have already attended 1-2 years of chemistry lessons at secondary level II. However, participation in the Chemistry Olympiad is open to all interested and motivated young people.


How can I prepare my students for the competition?

No preparation is necessary for the first round.

If you wish to get an idea of the level, you can find exams from previous years here.


Can students with an impairment participate?

Our goal is to enable all young people to participate as fairly and barrier-free as possible. Pupils with a physical impairment, disability or chronic illness should also benefit from our educational program and receive the best possible support. We ask you or the affected pupil to contact us in order to work out an individual solution.


How much does it cost to participate?

The participation is free of charge. Throughout the competition, the olympiad covers all necessary expenses for students. This includes travel costs by public transport (2nd class), food, and accommodation.


Are there other Science Olympiads?

Yes, there are 9 more Science Olympiads in the following subjects: biology, geography, informatics, linguisticsmathematics, philosophy, physicsrobotics and economics.


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