Last chance: Become a volunteer for the IChO 2023

The International Chemistry Olympiad in Zurich starts in 7 days. We are still looking for new volunteers, mainly for the supervision of the exams and for disassembly of the lab. Register now!

Our Swiss Team will meet young talents from 90 countries. Pic: Luca Ferrari, IChO 2023

The International Chemistry Olympiad in Zurich starts in 7 days. We are still looking for new volunteers, mainly for the supervision of the practical exam and for disassembly of the lab:

  • 10.07 - 13.07: Lab assembly
  • 19.07: practical exams supervision
  • 21.07: theoretical exam supervision
  • 24.07 (morning): Sorting certificates 
  • 19.07 – 25.07: lab disassembly

No chemistry knowledge is required. Support this international event and meet new people from all over the world. 

And: Thanks to all the volunteers from the Science Olympiads who already are committed to the IChO. This is great!


International Chemistry Olympiad IChO 2023: The International Chemistry Olympiad will be hosted in Switzerland for the first time. Between July 16 and 25, 2023, around 350 young talents from 90 countries and regions will meet in Zurich. They will prove their skills on paper and in the laboratory, mingle with people from around the globe, and get to know Switzerland as their host country. In addition to ETH Zurich and D-CHAB, the organisers also include the Swiss Chemistry Olympiad, the Swiss Science Olympiad and the Swiss Chemical Society.

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